I loved my podcast until I got burnt out.

I really enjoyed the first few months until it became too much to handle.  With my busy schedule I found myself in a hurry editing the podcast the night before only to hear mistakes when it went live on air.  

Not to mention when I finally invited guests on the show, I didn't have a process or even automations to keep me from texting or emailing back and forth to find a date and time to record. 

It finally got to the point where my show went silent and my business and authority in the online space began to fade.  That was until I discovered that with systems and processes in place, along with outsourcing what didn't light me up (all those late nights editing) I revamped my podcast and came back with vengeance. I fell in love with podcasting again!

Hey there, I'm Sarah!

I'm a Podcast Strategist who supports high achieving entrepreneurs to become the authority in their industry through podcasting so they can grow and scale their business.  

Podcaster is just one of the  titles I have been given.  With over 12 years of experience in education as a classroom teacher and school principal, I decided to take my skillset and help educate in an arena outside of the traditional classroom.  When I am not working on podcasting, you can find me working with former athletes as an Athlete Transition Coach in my own business, Rebranded Athlete, LLC.  

My skillset as an athlete has provided a wide range of opportunities and after starting Rebranded Athlete in 2020, I quickly began to see the impact athletes have in the world and the importance of their message being our there, especially within their own businesses.  

That sounds just like me! I was that person until I finally hit the record button.  But even then, I didn't have a plan and my first episode was out there for six months before I had the courage to record the next episode.   

It's more than just having the fancy equipment and the tools, its about having a plan that you can stick to.  All you need is the willingness to get started and the right team to guide your towards success.  

they spend hours researching you tube, reading blogs and following people on social media to never even get started on their podcast!

I see too many people who have an idea for a podcast but are too overwhelmed to even start.  


I work with athletes as they transition from sport and I also support them with their podcasts in their businesses.


I left education to go all in on Rebranded Athlete and my podcast.


I hit the record button and published my first podcast.


I graduated with my doctorate degree and began to write my first book.


Became a School  Principal 


My first job out of college was bartending.


My collegiate volleyball career came to an end.


I attended Cal State Fullerton on a Full Ride Volleyball Scholarship

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Discover how to eat just when you're hungry and move your body is a way that is FUN for you.

Ready to unlearn old dieting patterns?

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"Her thorough approach leads to the clarity and confidence you need to create a podcast that not only is worth listening to, but attracts opportunities you’ve never imagined. Sarah is patient, passionate and professional. You’re in great hands!  — Chris B.

"Sarah’s process guides you through every aspect of your podcast to make it successful from the start."

"Gabby is a big sister presence + a kick butt coach all in one! I didn't realize how much of getting healthy was the mental work. She helped me get back on track after having my 2nd baby." — Marie H.

"Gabby is a big sister presence + a kick butt coach all in one!"

"I thought I never had time for my own health between 3 kids and a tiring job. Gabby taught me how to make time for and truly care for ME." — Jasmine V.

"Gabby taught me how to make time for and truly care for ME."

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